Online ARK

The online version of ARK is internet based. It does not interface with the desktop version. Any device that has a browser (and a display large/manageable enough to read that many items on one page) can run this application. For example, a 10" tablet or iPad will work. The Remote Desktop installs an application on your computer, but connects to the database over the internet. Both methods access the same database and use SSL encryption to help keep your data secure.

There are inherit issues with running any application on the internet. We are running this application on a secure site (SSL/https) and require three items of authentication to be entered before the application can be run.

As mentioned before, the two options for the online version, both access the same database. The difference it that the browser version has the application running in the cloud access a database local to it, transferring pages back and forth to your computer. The Remote Desktop runs on your computer but transfers the data back and forth over the internet. Both are available to be used as much as you want.

One requirement is that an internet connection is always available. There is not currently an offline option. If you don't have an internet connection, the software cannot be run. Also, if you have club on Wednesday, you may experience a difference in response time between club time and other times of the week. We are making every effort to minimize this as much as possible and still keep the cost affordable. We do not feel the difference is significant.

The current cost for the online version is $60/year. If you currently have the desktop version, we can convert the database to the online version on your current subscription by just paying the difference of $20/year (prorated).

Please email if you have additional questions. email ARK