NOTE: The latest update includes the reformatted T&T Grace in Action book and the 2020/2021 catalog items and prices

No need to bother the secretary any more. Most everything a leader needs is now available offline on their smart phone app. Along with synchronized section and check-in information, call, text, email or get map directions on anyone in the database.

About ARK

ARK is a recordkeeping program used to keep track of attendance, dues, address, etc. It also tracks what sections each clubber has passed each week. This page contains more information and sample pages.

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After you have downloaded the program, these pages will help you to make the most effective use of your program.

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Opportunity is provided to share with us your thoughts on the program, its documentation, ideas for improvement, and other matters related to the software.

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The software is available in two ways:

The ARK Online is internet based and can be run on either a browser transferring pages over the interent or Remote Desktop transferring database requests over the internet. Both use SSL encryption to keep your data secure. ($60/year)

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The ARK Desktop program can be downloaded from this website to your computer. ($40/year)

There is a smart phone app for the Android and iPhone for use on either of these versions, however, the desktop version only supports using the check-in portion of the app, while the online version also allows entering section information, new individuals and viewing select reports. (No additional cost)

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