We are very much interested in receiving your input regarding both the program and the instructions for downloading it and for using it.

  1. Are the instructions clear?
  2. Do you have any suggestions for improving them?
  3. What additional things have you found helpful in working with this program, and in AWANA?
  4. What additional things would you like to have covered in the instructions?
  5. Refinements to the program?

Please use Email contact with your comments, suggestions or questions.

Refund policy

A full refund is available for ARK desktop or ARK online within 30 days of purchase. After that time, a reduced refund may be available at our discretion.

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Privacy policy

We will not give out customer information to anyone unless compelled by law.

We may request a database backup from clients (or access online databases) to help diagnose a problem or develop an enhancement. The database and its contents will be used for no other purpose than to accomplish these tasks.

We track clients based on their email when they download application updates or installs from the website to monitor unauthorized access to these functions.